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Seattle, WA USA
Single gay bottom guy
Interests: Porn,sex
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Watched the scene earlier today it is definitely hot!
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Definitely thumbs up. He is hot, hung and versatile. All pluses in my book.
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Many of us had no gay porn when we were growing up. We had to make due other straight porn. Where the guys are usually nor all that hot, nor are they the focus of the video. So you’ll have to forgive some of us for not wanting straight porn to be featured and discussed on a gay porn blog.
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Whether people like this genre or porn or not it is a kink or fetish whatever you want to call it that people engage in. One can say that this studios making videos that cater to those who are into this type of stuff is going to encourage people to use drugs. But then one could say that it is freedom of speech and expression, and that porn is meant to be a fantasy so by making this type of porn the producers are allowing the people who join the site the chance to fantasize about doing drugs and having lots of kinky uninhibited sex, without actually doing it. Personally I think that most adults are able to differentiate between what is fantasy and what is reality and are not going to run out and buy meth for the first time and then slam it and have tons of bareback sex after watching videos on SlamRush. If someone does do that then they likely were going to do it regardless or they are really stupid. But if you don't like it don't watch it. I am sure that SlamRush has seen a bike spike in visitors to their site that they would not have gotten without all these stars acting so moralistic and tweeting and retweeting about the site. Sometimes bad publicity like this ends up being the best publicity because it brings members who would not have heard about the site otherwise.
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He also worked for SX video going by the name Rick Roman shooting several bareback scenes.
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This guy must have gotten his PhD out of a cracker jack box.
Those woman are disgusting looking with their ugly tattoos and rolls of fat. Makes me wonder was that the only work he could get? Seems rather desperate for a guy who is hung and attractive to do porn with women like those. Maybe he is just still too controversial to get work for more well known sites and studios that would pair him with attractive models.
Because of the cruel manner that the body was disposed of and the other factors he better not get let off with a light sentence like his wife was. This guy needs to spend some hard time in a federal maximum security lockup. His bareback porn experience might come in handy if he is someones bitch once he is in prison.
The outrage is justified as this woman got off with a slap on the write and minimal prison time which likely will be at a facility similar to what Martha Stewart did her time in that was nicknamed Camp Cupcake. So this woman is going to spend the little bit of time she has to serve in a country club federal lockup. Bitch needs to be locked up for YEARS for her part in this sick greedy murder she was all in on with her load taking husband.
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May 16, 2017
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May 16, 2017
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Feb 10, 2017
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Feb 10, 2017
Seeing that cock makes my hole start to open pulse with hunger for that piece of uncut meat.
Of course Brent is going to trash the movi. He wants everyone to buy hisd book and to help get his book made into a movie. So he is just doing this for publicity fror himself.
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Sep 22, 2016
He will keep making his completely wrong comments that are basically calls for someone to take shots at Hillary, because even though his daughter is not getting a SS detail it is always about Trump and only Trump so he will say what he wants and is above the law. This is why he cannot be president he will make america a pariah like North Korea in no time.
I sure hope that he is innocent, but the charges show that the DA felt there was enough gathered during the investigation to bring charges. If he is found guilty he will likely be housed with protected population inmates because child molesters are the lowest of the low in prisons and often assaulted by other inmates seeking to provide some jailhouse justice. Also his gay porn career might put a target on him for violence. That could be similar to solitary or he could be with other similar inmates. If I was serving time and was in the same unit as him I would offer to be his bitch.
Hot, sounds like you might have put a little spark back into their love life so maybe they left to get back home to fuck some more.
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That is a good deal thanks for sharing Rob!
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