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"The Minute Stealers of today buy bulk minutes from the wholesale side of carriers and route the calls over lower costing service options..." Sounds like the free market at work to me to the full benefit of the consumer like cheaper gas or cheaper flight tickets or cheaper hotel rates. And, " long as their suppliers recognize that shifting where the money comes from to pay for minutes doesn't mean you stop putting the profit where it needs to be." "...where the profit *needs* to be." Andy are you for real? Profits don't *need* to be anywhere. They are earned. That's it. If you are a network operator (or any business) and if you want the money back then come and get it. Offer a better solution and service to your customers at a better price.
Before I start, some disclosure. I work at JAJAH. However, I'm writing this as an individual, not in my professional capacity, so these opinions are mine and not those of JAJAH. Andy: can you once and for all define the term "minute stealers" please? Stealing minutes from whom exactly? I bought my minutes from my mobile operator, they are mine to do with as I wish. Every time the name "JAJAH" is mentioned on your blog you make it sound like JAJAH is robbing graves or something. Calls are dropping to zero in some markets but I might remind you that outside the US there are 206 countries and dependent territories. Yes there is a whole other world out there and calls in Pakistan or Mozambique on the PSTN or mobile networks are not dropping to zero anytime soon, believe me. JAJAH, along with many of its competitors, operate a global business and there are *plenty* of people using the service and happy to pay for the service where appropriate. I am not at liberty to disclose numbers but bear this in mind. This is the 7th startup that I have been involved with since 1994 and I have *never* seen revenue and user growth numbers month-over-month at this level. I am amazed just about every day when I read the previous days stats. You might not like the company and you might not understand the business model but it doesn't mean one doesn't exist. On the subject of Truphone and JAJAH. I am a huge fan of Truphone -- I use their excellent software on my Nokia E61 and it works as advertised. Guess what? There are 6 billion + people on planet earth and some of them will use Truphone and some of them will use JAJAH. It's not a zero-sum game.
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