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Sean Carpenter
Columbus, OH
Director of Agent Development - Coldwell Banker Ohio
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David - You're right. It was absolutely gripping to watch. When Felix gave a "thumbs up" and stepped out of that capsule, I am sure there was a collective gasp from those witnessing it, followed by a sign of relief when he softly touched down on earth. Years from now when we see footage of this, I'll always be able to tell people that I was watching it with author/speaker/blogger David Meerman Scott...and about 8 million other people.
David - I enjoyed this post about Pottermore and the anticipation it creates for crowdsourcing and generating buzz. I looked at it a bit different from a salespersons perspective and considered the "after the sale" value of keeping people talking about your brand. Here's my short blog post on the topic for you to see when you have time. Thanks for the continued great example you set for bloggers, speakers and instructors
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Mar 6, 2011