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Sean D'Souza
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The cool part about the stories aren't that they're just stories, but how Bill is using a concept of connectors. Notice how he brings out a 'visual prop' e.g. the drum sticks with the blue tips. And then he works that visual prop over and over again, until it becomes not just an anchor, but in Bill's case, a very funny crescendo. The other factor he uses very often is what I call the 'rollercoaster'. So he's not just telling a story. The story goes up and down. And up and down. So when you listen to the story where he's talking about the time he doubted himself, he's going from being super confident and super cool to feeling like he's not really that hot when he sees those photos on the wall. Then he drives home that fear, building it all the time (into a downward spiral). And it loops and yanks you along because you have no clue what's going to happen next. And then up comes the rollercoaster again. Now he comes good on the second show without realising what's happening. But Bill's carefully pulling the audience along with the way in which the story goes up or down. And he's also using very clear visual cues to keep you connected to the story all the time. The sounds also form part of his repertoire, actually giving the audience an insight that they might not have had. All in all, the masterful story telling has a ton of elements that make it superb. And thanks for those videos, Garr. I had a blast listening to them on a rather cold winter's day here in New Zealand.
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Jul 19, 2011