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Sean King
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I grew up around Humbolt Park before re-gentrification took hold. The area has a ton of history and was at one time one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the City. Sacramento Boulevard is the dividing line between two of Chicago's largest Spanish Gangs. The Boulevard divides the park in half. Today if you walk around humbolt park you still see a large spanish (Puerto Rican) community but you also see diversity. A number of upper income families call Humbolt Park home now. The last time I visited Humbolt park I drove down Division street going east and was amazed at the amount of restaurants and bars that were open. 20 Years of change have taken place in Humbolt Park and in the next 20 years I would not be surprised if Humbolt Park is the next Bucktown/Wicker Park/Lincoln Park.
I am fairly new to Photojournalism. With that said I would assume the story being told by the picture is more important then the tools used to get the picture. Let me know if I am wrong but the world is changing and this past year we have seen many images coming from the middle east. The Arab spring had been broadcasted to many over the internet with simple camera phones. Granted the picture quality may be different but.. A story is still being told with the photos taken right?
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Dec 14, 2011