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I read Corso's book when it was first published. Some things JJA said made me think it shouldn't be automatically dismissed as a flight of fancy. This entire subject is baffling -- and possibly of the utmost importance.
It's possible that the intel community got Iraq and Russiagate wrong, but is getting the coronavirus right. From the start, I strongly disbelieved the official takes on Iraq and Russiagate, but did believe that the coronavirus probably leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Why? Common sense and gut instincts, combined with a scan of all the publicly available information.
A Twitter feed of interest: Today in UFO History Try quickly scanning backward through a few months of UFO reports and decide for yourself if there are a few intriguing patterns in the data. It should come as no surprise that military establishments around the world have been taking this phenomenon seriously since at least the 1940s.
I wrote this before seeing Eric Newhill's similar reply. Do the scientific and technical resources of the USIC and Pentagon exceed those of Metabunk and Mick West? My best guess is yes. One would assume that the US government examined West's theories (and many more) and didn't find them to be persuasive.
Eric Newhill's collection of speculations above is excellent. Worth archiving and referring back to.
One theme among many on this topic: UFOs/ETs have ranked at the top of USIC strategic priorities since at least the late 1940s -- higher than nuclear weapons. One wouldn't be surprised to discover that this is true, but without solid evidence one shouldn't assume anything. Another theme: the CIA, ONI and a few other agencies have been developing UFO/ET memes for more than a half century as part of a psychological operations campaign with multiple long-term objectives in mind.
"This implies something that either is a US activity or something that has a tremendous SIGINT capability and a deep knowledge of navy operations." What is the most likely explanation for this phenomenon? One could imagine advanced technologies that pack all the SIGINT capabilities of the USIC into a single autonomous drone.
Clifford Kiracofe wrote: "I do not know what LDS eschatology is." We really need to know the entire eschatological script/narrative that is embraced by Mormons -- what developments coincide with and follow the ingathering of Jews to biblical Israel according to their esoteric timeline? We should recall that neoconservatives manipulated the religious fundamentalist beliefs of some Christian Zionists in the Bush 43 administration -- consider that George W. Bush divulged to Jacques Chirac that he was committed to invading Iraq as part of the biblical battle of Gog and Magog. Mitt Romney is surrounded by neocons who no doubt understand what theological and psychological buttons to push to motivate him to embark upon more wars on behalf of Greater Israel. And of course all of those lavish campaign contributions from multibillionaire Sheldon Adelson and his cohorts will be an effective incentive in pulling his strings.
On Mormon Zionism BEGIN QUOTE Mormons are philo-Semites and pro-Israel. One of our basic Articles of Faith affirms: “We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes.” In 1841, LDS Apostle Orson Hyde offered a prayer on the Mount of Olives dedicating the Land of Israel for the gathering of the Jews. Israel went on to receive at least 11 apostolic blessings before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. For more than five decades (1870s-1920s), the church seriously considered establishing a Mormon colony in Palestine. Today, Brigham Young University has a beautiful center on Mount Scopus with the best view of the Old City in Jerusalem. END QUOTE Of course this just scratches the surface of the belief system in play. Some Google searches that reach more deeply into the topic: 1. mormons israel 2. mormons jerusalem 3. mormons jews 4. mormons judaism
trooper said: "I think the division now in America is between religious people and secular people." Religious moderates (all across the Christian and Jewish spectrum, including Roman Catholics and Protestants) bear much more in common with moderate secular humanists than they do with religious fundamentalists and extremists (including religious Zionists, both Christian and Jewish). The question is this: is Mitt Romney a religious fundamentalist or extremist? He sometimes sounds like one. What are the core beliefs of hardline Mormons? How might those beliefs affect his policies? We need to know.
Pat Lang is right: we have every right and obligation to understand clearly how the religious views of political candidates will affect their views on public policy and foreign affairs. With regard to Mitt Romney, we should be especially interested in getting a handle on Mormon views on Mideast politics, Israel, Jerusalem, Jews and related topics. What are they? The mainstream media have studiously avoided looking into these issues. To what degree is Mitt Romney on the same page, in terms of ideology and theology, with Christian Zionists?
The Global War on Terror=The Global War on Amalek. One really needs to understand the neoconservative agenda. The Global War on Terror is the product of a narrow messianic ethno-religious nationalist movement that has nothing to do with the American interest.
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Jun 11, 2012