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Sean O'Connell
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Back when he traded Lee, I declared to my office that he was a moron, and so far I've been proven correct. I feel pretty good about my prediction. I think I might go in to gambling.
who the hell uses wine to drink heavily during a hockey game?
You should probably put the bag back on her head then.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2010 on Canadians Hate Us at Crossing Broad
at least we know to use ketchup on our fries. GRAVY GOES ON TURKEY KETCHUP ON FRIES GET IT RIGHT.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2010 on A New Reason to Hate Canada at Crossing Broad
Yeah, right after Marco Polo discovered China.
Sign this guy. Sign him before the Spankees do.
Seriously, you just injected politics in to this? We need to serve waffles with maple syrup and Canadian bacon at the concessions.
is it bad that the two highlight videos are of him hitting in to outs?
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Apr 14, 2010