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I had to comment because this is too creepy. Guys, comedy is all about making people laugh. You are making it seem like this really creepy cult. Can you please stop doing that? I love comedy. If I had a business card it would probably just say "comedian." Not "artist, actor, comedian, hairstylist." I'm glad Kyle Cease has made all of you feel better about yourselves. But it's totally sounding like a cult. If he really wanted to make you ALL to REACH your full potential, wouldn't he do it for free? Why do you have to pay someone else to find out how to feel good about yourself. I am bringing this up because everyone seems like being funny is the least important thing to them and it's really about FEELING GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES and INDUSTRY CONTACTS. Just stop! It's creepy. It's really fucking creepy. I used my real name and my real twitter. I just had to do this because I was fucking grossed out.
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Sep 14, 2010
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Sep 14, 2010