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Not to mention the fact that Mills Fleet Farm threatened to kill the Carver store over the height of the sign they were allowed to put in front of it, after the city's Planning Commission rejected their request for a 70-foot sign. That got the City Council's attention, who quickly reversed that on a 4-1 vote.
Dave and Ernie must have the same wardrobe consultant. Editor's note: The dog totally makes that picture.
Bowers is clearly on the Tea Party circuit across the state that week. Our friends at the SW Metro Tea Party -- including State House candidate Cindy Pugh -- are screening his movie tonight and then having Bowers speak to the group on July 11.
They were using a website called to host the event, but it wasn't an auction. Honest!
No bids yet for the Carver County GOP event. Sounds like a cheap opportunity to get some quality time with Ernie Leidiger to talk to him about his pal, Bradlee Dean!
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Aug 24, 2011