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back in the day when everyone went platinum, there were not so many ways to get music off the internet like there is now Drake got talent. No reason to hate on him, he got talent in this music thing. He makes music off of what he can come up with. Fact is people think he's hot, others don't, and it's like that for every Music artist. 100% of population will never be on one side (obviously) - not everyone is gonna like you...but as long as you attract attention your good. Someone said it here, if you sell like one album - you good! You don't sell as much as the next person, but you got ur own sales to worry about. When the sales numbers started getting to the public, i think it fucked with music and how some people rate artists nowadays. Once you start bringing comparisons and all that other shit into sumthin, the just of it is ruined
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Kim is just lookin for the hype now that shes putting herself back into music. She knew Nikki was an imitation when she first started popping up back then, but didn't think it would let her blow up like this and now shes just pissed because someone took notes of her swagg and used it to climb the ladder in the present day, where as kim using her own style stopped working in the late 90's - early 2000s
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Auto tune seems to be used in a lot of commercials... T-pain is just dodging the disappointment of floppin'. Music use to be a way out when you don't have nothing else but the talent and use the industry to open doors to new things. It's not like that no more, just puppets for Labels and producers. By him sayin this, he shows that he's also a puppet. Fuck em
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I hope the plot was to put this out there to see that the response would be and Dre takes this into consideration. Nobody seems to be happy about this sh*T
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Jun 17, 2010
This is crazy, but it's an opinion. But, it's not a good look for these niggaz to go at KRS-One like that. But, Thing's always change, so you know, hip hop adapts to the change...It's been happening since way back when. Nigga's is not rapping the same, even when they got old school heads jumpin onto new tracks...So Triple C's have a point in sayin where they come from stands for thier spot in Hip Hop today (as opposed to the older days) But for them to say KRS should pay homage...KRS explained, he said He respected it, but he also brings out the truth in what these niggaz is sayin is kind of just startin' BS...problem is they seem to not have respect at all..
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what route could he take? His movies is bad, TV shows don't last, his group/ artists flop, his music is not something people look forward to anymore...I think the only thing that worked out was vitamin water. I don't know much about the boy or what else he does as investments, but whatever they are he's better off doing that and staying a high wealthy dude
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Nov 20, 2009