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I thought I would update my response by adding this information: If American investors are thinking that they won't have to pay IRS taxes on their offshore accounts, think again. "You have to pay taxes on your global income, including investment income, wherever those investments are in the world." (source: The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, puts a lot of transparency responsibilities onto any foreign financial firm with American account holders. (source: Blessings,
re: reasonable due diligence Hi Jim! This commentary made my heart beat quite fast because I recognize a scheme! Employees of companies that are above board shouldn't be difficult to find and they would be most willing to go public to increase their sales. Regarding due diligence and "miracles," well really God gave us a brain and gave us the ability to question situations before we dive off the diving board. I remember a few years ago one of my nieces was given an opportunity much like this company. She bought into the scheme quite quickly because it seemed so easy but she got this prompting to call me and tell me about the situation in case I would be interested. I told her I would research the company and get back to her the same day. Immediately, I did my basic research including utilizing the Better Business Bureau and came to find out that the company had been and continued to be sued in several states with judgments against the company because it was a scheme. I got back to my niece immediately and told her to cancel her involvement and try to get her investment back if possible. She did get her money back and another friend of hers who was also involved also got her investment back. I told my niece that it was God who had prompted her to call me because God knew I would do "due diligence," and God wouldn't want her to fall into a scheme. Closing our eyes and wishing for a miracle isn't going to cut it with the Lord if we don't use what He's already given us including a high degree of discernment. Great article and blessings, SeashoreMary
Ohhhh! The technology is "out of this world"! To have a computer keyboard inserted into our arms is just too wild. Fits in with the end times concept. I wonder if these companies will know how to prevent disease from streaming into our blood stream because any type of chip inserted releases toxins into our system. Great article! SeashoreMary
Thank you Jim for your research! I was wondering how the people of Christ would or could function without taking the mark of the beast. Certainly, I think that the "head" of the church should create it's own currency to be used within it's own community. I can see a bit of a problem: if a person travels to another state, they wouldn't be able to conform to that state's currency in whatever form they chose. Some form of control has to be in place so that it's not abused. I wonder what the software looks like to create this $$$. Great piece of information. Again, thanks. SeashoreMary
My, my, my! How times have changed from the simple lemon aid and kool aid stands! This is one machine that could help drive up sales producing $$ when we hold garage sales in very hot 90+ degree temperatures during the summer. I went off sodas several years ago because of the caffeine addition but I've missed the cool fizz effect. Great article Jim. Blessings, SeashoreMary
Jim, your article is timely and eerie! Lily Brenner just did a link to this article dated today, Jan 5, 2012: "Thousands of US troops deploying to Israel" My own article to publish Sat Jan 7 is titled "Ancient of Days Still Reigning"; this is in line with current world events as they are developing! Blessings!
Hi Jim! I believe the Mark of the Beast is the economical breakdown introducing the microchip, which, in turn, will try to dominate and suffocate man from all countries. I absolutely am locked into prophecy because it's such a fascinating subject; sad, but fascinating nonetheless. Yes, absolutely, the government is deceiving the American people; it is too large to police itself which explains the spiraling debt with no accountability. This debt didn't happen overnight, it crept up slowly but is now skyrocketing out of control. Keep up posting your comments/viewpoints. This is still America and we can still speak our minds (at least for a time appointed for change). is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 3, 2012