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The enemy of the free Christian world is America not Russia. Try looking at things from a Russian standpoint. The US has created 2 Islamic States in Europe, supports Saudi Arabia and Pakistan unconditionally and has tried to break Russia from its natural allies; Ukraine, Georgia and Serbia. Look at this enormous list of US funded NGOS Everyone of these US funded groups is there to break up Russian nation. Who can blame Russia for being suspicious of American motives. Anything to reduce the tension between these two great nations is a to be welcomed. We need to concentrate on the real enemy: modern Marxist ideology rooted in the 60 civil rights movement and US Universities along with its islamic handmaiden.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2010 on Obama Disarming America at Atlas Shrugs
In today's world, this is the face of those who seek to turn Europe and the West into a third world hellhole. Someone looking just like this probably defended this child killer. Out of this friendly looking bunch, no doubt one or two will become a judge at some stage.