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This was several years ago when I worked at a drug store beginning with the letter 'W'. While pulling product forward in the shaving aisle, a teenage boy came up to me and asked me, "Excuse me, but what size condom do I need?"
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I know, realized it after the fact :( I was so frustrated and upset about the entire situation that I didn't realize how I spelled it. I asked the manager about the HIPAA form repeatedly and was always told 'later', I even reminded the supervisor that I hadn't signed it. I essentially worked there for two months and my duties were scheduling patients (which gave me access to their charts), scanning things into medical records such as lab results, MRIs, X-Rays, etc, and printing out things for patients to come pick up, such as vaccination records for their child. And for the record, no one in a position of authority ever spoke to me about HIPAA and what it meant. This was my first position in a medical office; the only reason I knew about HIPAA is because my mother (an RN) emphasized to me how serious HIPAA is for any position in the medical field. Hence why I asked about signing the form from the first day I started working. Is this something I report to the Department of Health and Human Services or do I need to do it elsewhere? The complaint forms I've found so far are for people who believe that HIPAA has been violated in regards to their information. In this situation, it's not my personal information but the information of all those patients. I don't know if the other newcomer signed a HIPAA form or not but considering that I never did, I have my doubts. The day I turned my things in to the manager, I saw another new employee being trained in the front office and I have the same concerns in regards to HIPAA. I will say that I know HIPAA nearly fined them once before due to the referrals person not having an office with a closed door when she was speaking with patients and scheduling their X-Rays, etc.
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Who do I report the unsigned sheet to? Additionally, I forgot to mention that the state this occurred in is Kentucky.
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I was really sick in January two years ago. I was misdiagnosed repeatedly; first with a cold, then a sinus infection, then bronchitis, and finally, with pneumonia. None of the antibiotics I was prescribed did any good, so I went back one more time to find out that I had the flu (achy type) as well, so I was dealing with a flu/pneumonia combo. I was put on a nebulizer treatment (a machine that you use a face mask with to breathe the medicine directly into your lungs) and instructed to use it every two hours. I was also put off work for two weeks. When I called to let my job know, the manager who took my call argued about it for several minutes, threatening a write up and everything. Asking why I couldn't come to work and use the machine while working at the customer service desk (keep in mind I had a fever of 102.1 at the time as well) I pointed out the fever and the coughing/hacking/wheezing I was doing but it wasn't until I told her I didn't think customers would appreciate seeing me like that and being exposed to the flu and pneumonia that she finally gave up trying to convince me to work. I really don't understand what her thinking was, tbh. I had a legit dr note and don't call in very often.
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May 5, 2016