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Beth, You are so right & this was so beautifully written! I was missing the healing scene from the book & was especially wondering how the non-book readers would understand it. My husband,who has not read the book, said the healing was too fast. But you are right that on the boat he is obviously still haunted. Having gone through a lot of junk myself, I understand that look. I was wanting the magic and mysticism but it is probably better for the TV to see the long reality of recovery that will happen as things progress. It is there in all the books but translating it to the screen is different. Since I am spiritual person, I really like that aspect of the books. The show is more raw & probably has to be. The acting has amazed me more each episode. What the actors have to do to become these people in these circumstances is amazing. I may nitpick parts but never the acting and what these actors have given to us. Thank you so much for your wonderful article.
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Jun 1, 2015