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Mike; to your response to Frances' Point 3; Where does this argument come from, that Global Warming, or climate change, is good for Canada? An argument not backed by anything I've ever come across. Please point me in the direction of your reasoning? As to your point 4; Frances has a valid point in saying let's deal with our issues presently... We are not going to change the world's fundamental flaws any time soon; nor is it going to happen until our own issues are dealt with, including the widening disparities we are seeing with income inequality. Addressing the issue of income globally I feel is intellectual dishonesty. It serves to confuse the issues we are dealing with in our own Country. An immediate example that comes to mind; in Caterpillar's bid to cut their Canadian unionized workers wages by half, with their reasoning being that their American counterparts were making a much lower wage. It's a false equivalence.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2012 on Inequality rules at Worthwhile Canadian Initiative
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Sep 3, 2012