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Re: LPC Sorry that IS NOT the set for life! But it is a solid start. There are better knives out there, even the chef instructors there will say so. They will also say, however, that a culinary student can and will make use of better knives than you have at home. When even as a student you will spen 20-30 hours a week using them, they need to be made of decent steel to retain their edge. And speaking of knife edges, YES they may certainly be sharpened to a different bevel! In fact, the typical 20-30 degree andgle creates an edge that is 40-60 degrees (you have the other side as well.) That is fairly blunt. I wouldnt take it below 15 myself, but that also depends on the knife. Also be aware that you can double bevel the knife, say 15 degrees but then the tip can be made to something similar to 30 degrees JUST at the tip. This will help the tip maintain itself a bit more. How sharp it stays is related to it "rockwell scale" hardness. knives are typically frim mid 50's to low 60's. The higher the rockwell the harder the steel, the longer it stays sharp, BUT the more easily the steel damages as well.
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Oct 21, 2010