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Have you tried the Spiritual Naturalist Society? I did a podcast with them recently on meditaiton There are some online chats for members.
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The Hard Problem is quite hard, and I don't think much progress will be made by speculating about it--though it can be fun. Progress will occur by determining under what physical circumstances consciousness does arise and perhaps even figuring out how to reproduce those physical conditions outside a brain. At that point, it will be a little easier to figure out what we're really dealing with.
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To amplify a comment on a previous thread,I agree that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of matter, but something that acts more like a wave than a particle. It's obvious that more matter, or denser matter, does not produce consciousness. So consciousness is not an additive property. I think it acts more like something that has a phase--like a water or electrical wave. Waves that are 180 degrees out of phase add up to zero, whereas waves that are in phase add up. Thus, matter that is organized in a particular way to create coherent "waves of consciousness" in order for the proto-consciousness of matter to add up to become actual consciousness. The fact that the brain does generate synchronized electrical waves suggests that this is the right track. Also, anesthesia research suggests that when the carrier wave overwhelms modulation, then the mind is unable to think and consciousness is lost.
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I prefer to use the term "physical" to "material" as "material" makes one think of matter as opposed to energy. I'm intrigued by electromagnetic theories of consciousness The evidence from anesthesia research is that consciousness arises from the brain when there are large-scale brain wave interactions.
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Mar 11, 2015