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Oh I LOVE your site!!! I adore Diva, always have, but, I am very careful to buy/wear only the EDT version. Its more clear and woody with less sillage. Diva EDT was released after the EDP and I just find it much more wearable. An absolute fave and your post has inspired to wear it today. I also own l'Arte di Gucci and agree with Carol- much closer to Diva than Paloma. Paloma seems to stay at FULL VOLUME and has very little evolution, one of the more linear rose chypres out there. Diva (and L'Arte) evolves and "fits" to it's wearer more than Paloma. I can spot Paloma a mile away, whereas I've had people tell me they are wearing Diva and I never would have guessed it. Different chemistry brings out different notes in Diva.. it is a beauty!! You are so right about Ysatis, a soapy green vs the sultry spell of Diva. Thank you for your wonderful site! hugs, jane
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Jan 27, 2010