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Open the doors and turn on the lights. I've bought 50-100 books a year for decades. I have my favorites. I can see them on my library shelf as I type this comment. ** I have NO idea what publisher produced any of them ** Who are you guys? What do you do? Why should I care? I care about GM because I know what they do. Same for Microsoft and Bank of America. I have no idea what HarperCollins does. Random House, Penguin, Simon & someone -- I know they exist. 3 weeks ago I saw a webcast with Steve Berry. In it, a reader asked, "If you and James Rollins are such good friends, why not write a book together like Preston & Child?" He responded by saying they write for different publishers. So? Don't those two publishers know the sum would be greater than the parts for all parties involved? Open the doors. Seek out writing partnerships that will create a buzz. Amaze people. Publishers should stop trying to fix the publishing model of 1999. They should be looking for a way to excite readers of 2012.
1. duh 2. make video promos that interest people (William Ray Johnson, julian smith, etc) 3. No. Look to the classics. 50 shades = Beauty and the Beast; Hunger Games = All Quiet on the Western Front. 4. Why not talk to readers? We don't bite. 5. A) INDEPENDENT not Self. B) Why, what value would you offer an indie? C) Publishers only take on projects to make a buck -- that is their fiduciary responsibility to investors. 6. duh
You are advocating a socialist infrastructure? Why not, it works quite well for sports (who paid for that stadium?) and air travel (FAA, Airports are publicly funded) and Interstates etc etc. Why not build a public or non-profit co-op to publish books? We moved from the 20th century publisher-centric model to the distributor-centric model in the last four years. We could easily move to the author-centric model. But Goodreads is a for-profit entity if I'm not mistaken. They rely on advertising from the Big 6. They're still struggling with indies.
Seriously? Name calling in response to sea change in publishing? Check out my comparison of Steve Berry, 20th Century Publisher and Joanna Penn, Independently published If his publisher had an editor involved, why were there so many beginner mistakes? And what about all the job cuts in publishing after consolidation? Yes, publishers put some effort into some books, but the cost of what they provide is between $9,000 for a debut and $45,000 for an established author. Not a significant investment for any business model. With those numbers, why not do it yourself and keep the evergreen residuals? In business terms: You're giving 80% of your income away to a publisher. Did you really get that value?
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Jun 20, 2012