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I'm curious to hear more about the Scottish Mum Mafia. Having studied Lady Macbeth while an expat in England, I could simply let my imagination run with it--but that might not be doing the situation justice. Can you describe a little more, or point me to a post that provides a clear picture? Also, what are all those Scots doing in Russia? That I had never imagined!
Actually, don't the Shanghainese use sunscreen, too? Perhaps it's a generational thing? Anyway, thanks for the post--very well timed given the brutal heat we're experiencing on the U.S. East Coast. I had actually been thinking about doing a post on a similar theme for my blog, Seen the Elephant, which covers not only the expat life but the challenges of coming home again (should you be so foolish!). Since I spent some of my years abroad in Japan, I was going to list the habits the Japanese have developed for enduring the worst of the heat and humidity. I think I may link to your pix! p.s. Does Shanghai have high humidity, too? is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 26, 2010