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That's great, thanks for the clarification :-)
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Thanks, but that's not really what I'm asking. Will submitting a larger width yard (to match e.g. Sport Lycra at 56") get disqualified. Likewise will setting it to centred 'break' my entry? I can stick with 42" on repeat, but it's less convenient in terms of future potential selling.
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I usually design coordinates to the largest yard size, and centre them. Will these two factors not work for this competition? Must it be 42x36 and set to repeat? Thanks.
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I was so pleased to see the return of weekly prompts. I'm still grateful to have these suggestions but I really miss the sense of community that came with the weekly competition. I can't be seeing half of what others have produced. I use Twitter and for each week so far I've only seen ~6 or so other designs using the hashtag! There's far less feedback compared with the favouriting and comments that would accompany voting. On top of this I can still no longer comment on designs from my mobile device (I flagged this months ago). My order from Berlin took longer than from the US (I'm in the UK)... It feels like everything great about Spoonflower is getting trashed. Sorry for the huge offload, but it's all a bit depressing.
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This is great news! Thanks for bringing back the weekly prompts. I need a deadline, and plenty of time to think about upcoming themes. Nice one 😊
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Feb 25, 2016