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Islamophobia raises its ugly head again. He obviously is a pacifist who happens to have some photos of his fiancee.
Genocide is as Turkish as apple pie is American, although it must be said to their credit that the 20th century did slow them down considerably. Only affected the Armenians, Greeks, Cypriots and Kurds in that century. No one seems to realize that what they plan for Europe is already being implemented in Cyprus, bring in a few hundred thousand Anatolian peasants, let them breed like rabbits for a generation or so and then scream for a free vote at the UN. I believe the 1956 genocide only succeeded for one reason, that was the year the Hungarians were butchered like animals led to the slaughter and the so called free world did nothing. If no one cares for the Hungarians, who would care for some Greeks.
Sorry Pamala, I disagree with you on this one. Good for Mastercard. They have managed to persuade these Muslims not only to lend Mastercard the money without them paying interest, they make them pay for the pleasure. They just said to these Muslims : any time you want to lend us more more, we will be pleased to accept it provided you pay us a small fee. The best joke of all is that every time these Muslims spend the money they lent to Mastercard, Mastercard gets a commission. I hope the CIA gets the list of those who joined, it is one of the most important in the country. It identifies those who are such die-hard Muslims that they will neglect their own best interests.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2010 on Mastercard............. Slavecard at Atlas Shrugs
The "Vatican" of the sunni Muslim faith is Al-Azar in Cairo. The head of that institution is considered the "Pope", the most important sunni Muslim in the world. Surprise surprise! He is appointed by none other that the dictator of Egypt. Anyone still want to argue that Islam is a religion and not a political system.
A serious correction, you blame the media for incompetence, they are far from that. A little item that seems to have slipped under the radar:
If it was an IRS office, the following should be be suspected immediately: Muslims Christians Jehova's Witnesses Sikhs Buddhists Zorastorians Red-necks Liberals Democrats Republicans All international and American bankers.
The fact that Hussain, according to his c.v., was a protege of Soros may just explain how a young lawyer jumps straight from law school into the white house.
The BBC will never ask tough questions, they have just written an article that suggest Leonardo Da Vinci got his inspiration from the Ottomans. Recently a Japanese fishing vessel capsized when its catch was an incredible weight of jellyfish, the first thing the headlines yelled was "global warming causes proliferation of jellyfish". Not a word about the fact that jellyfish only proliferate because its predators have been fished almost to extinction. The next great big global warming story is the disappearance of islands in the Indian ocean, here is the truth of that one.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2010 on Climategate Conspirator Cracks at Atlas Shrugs
For all you skeptics out there, Indian ocean islands are in fact disappearing and here is more proof. The only good part about it is that they are reappearing elsewhere.
Correction. A woman needs four, not two male witnesses to prove rape. The BBC has gone a long way to explain the muslim preference for little girls as sex partners/slaves.
What a funny coincidence! Majzoub, a Lebanese Muslim name, hearing a case about sharia.
The way things are going Obama is quite right to cancel any proposed trips to the moon. The Chinese might not give them a visa to enter.
You forgot to mention the vast number of those from the most radical countries of all, those from the rest of North America which includes which includes that seething hell-hole, Canada. A grand total of four.
Anyone who confuses Kenya, some 3,000 miles to the east, with Nigeria should not be writing any article on anything.
This behaviour demonstrates why Muslim communities throughout the world are always in the bottom rung of the wealth ladder, they have no idea of how to capitalize on their strengths. Whippings and beatings and slashing are part of their culture, so be it. Wherever they have settled in the West there are thousands who would not only be happy to do the whipping for them, they would also be prepared to pay handsomely for the pleasure.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2009 on Ashoura: Respect it! at Atlas Shrugs
I doubt that sign means anything to today's generation. When they are stealing manhole covers from the middle of the road to sell as scrap, a nice big piece like that in the middle of nowhere must be tempting.
In 1154 Henry II fixed the value of a penny at 20 grains of sterling silver (92.5%), one pound troy of silver was the value of the English pound. There are 480 grains in a pound troy, hence the somewhat odd 240 pennies to the pound sterling. Historically the ratio of gold/silver has always been fairly constant as long as both were used to back the currency, at the time it was about 10:1, in the 1800's it went up to 15:1. In 1971 just before the US dropped the gold standard to introduce strictly fiat money, the price of one pound of sterling silver was £6.10 a pound troy. The price of silver had taken a beating in the 30's when the US demonetized silver leaving only gold to back the currency. At the time gold was £ 176.66 a pound. Compounded annually since 1154, silver rose by .22% and gold by .35%. That is compounded annually over 817 years. I should have figured out the 30's figures when silver was still used to back the dollar, I have an idea gold and silver were a lot closer. 1971 was about the last year that gold was still used to back the dollar, there were a lot of rumours about and the prices were somewhat erratic. From 1971 to 2009 the price of silver has gone up by 11.2% per year and gold has gone up by 15% per year, both compounded annually. You have seen rise of the prices of gold and silver over the 817 years when gold and silver was money and you have seen it over the 28 years when money was money and had nothing to do with gold or silver. Not much choice, is there.
Read that last little item on the report: The mail has digitally manipulated the image. God help us if anyone actually sees what those vicious right-wingers have scrawled. This is the most blatant distortion of the news I have yet seen.
I have posted this article on several blogs since it first appeared, it does not seem to raise to outrage it raised in me when I first saw it. As you can see, the biggest increase in the $150+ plus, from 2,000 to 10,000 is in the defense department and only as a result of "cost saving", phasing out the "inefficient" soldiers for civilian "experts". All of course the result of having the finest senate and house that money can buy. On a related note, I have just heard that the economy has deteriorated to such an extent that Exxon has had to lay off 25 senators.
I have just spent an hour going through Craig's List : employment: non profit for a dozen towns and cities in the US. In almost all cities there are ads for paid activists for greenpeace and the like to promote awareness of global warming, work for change, grassroots campaign and the like, if you have a close look at it you will see that father Christmas has come early for the "liberals". Someone somewhere is financing a massive campaign.
Every court in every civilized country in the world respects the confidentiality between a patient and his doctor and his priest, For any doctor to violate that confidentiality, particularly a psychiatrist, is grounds for stripping his credentials. If he did indeed advocate charging his patients with war crimes, crimes that if admitted were admitted in the sanctity of a confessional, anyone aware of that who did not take immediate action is just as guilty.
There is one curious aspect in the Nidal case that no one has mentioned. He must have been earning a very good pay, in the $100,000 range. he lived in a shabby appartment, drove a modest car so the question is: what did he do with his money. Find out and you likely find his motivation.
Forget about the unemployment, it may be bad but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Last month 20 banks failed, the first November news was the failure of CIT and this week the FDIC announced another 4 bank failures, bringing the total to 119 this year. Have a good look at who is buying the Fannie/Freddie garbage, hint: the Fed, price tag: over a trillion.
Military service is compulsory in Israel. For all but Muslim Israeli citizens. In fact, they will not even let them into the army. This is not racism, it is self preservation. The first thing a Muslim interpreter in the British did was to offer information to Iran. When will the west learn?
The main reason Klaus caved in is that after Obama caved in to Russia over Eastern Europe, their only hope lies with the EU.