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Fred Seibert
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Thanks for another great profile Mark. I started paying attention to jazz photography in a big way with the death of the LP, when I couldn't get great graphics for "free" with my music. Roy DeCarava's work was my first wake up call ("Roy's not a photographer, he's a *composer*," Nat Hentoff told me when I asked about Roy), and then on to William Claxton, Herman Leonard, Francis Wolff, and a host of others. Herb's work was completely familiar but I hadn't put a name to the photographs until his great book came out. And, for once, the stories were as vivid as the pictures. Herb Snitzer will never be anonymous to my eyes again.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2012 on Interview: Herb Snitzer (Pt. 1) at JazzWax
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Thank goodness for Robert Glasper and the others in his generation (like Vijay Iyer) who refuse to do what they're told by the old folks in jazz who insist the music be frozen in amber. To heck with those guys who think their way is the only way. Really. Black Radio isn't my cup of tea (yet), I'm an old guy. But it's been really sad to listen to jazz ossify over the past 30 years. Bravo to Robert for insisting --We Insist!-- on owning his own music and making it what he wants it to be. Here's hoping the audiences agree loudly.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2012 on Interview: Robert Glasper (Pt. 2) at JazzWax
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