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the north hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I just googled Tim Tams and found out how to do a Tim Tam Slam. So many treats, so little time. I"d even tour a Rhodo garden (maybe) if I had Tim Tams waiting for me. S.
Well that's fine. That's just great. You've really gone and done it this time Christie Wilkin. Just the mention of visiting a rhododendron garden, for heaven's sakes, has Carol putting on her shoes. but Noooo, YOU had to post dozens of fantastic photos of large and unusual beautiful plants in bloom just as it is turning colder (your spring in our fall, mind you (Ahh!) ) and now my goose is cooked. I can hear her checking flight schedules already. I fear we are destined for the land down under for sure if she ever sees this. Nice job. Really nice job this time. Thanks alot. ;-) S.
Work life balance. A very interesting subject considering I am about to accept a position with a new company. Thank you for the statistics. It gives me a comparison of the cultures which helps me easily see Austrailia. The line of thought is also personally challenging. What are our motivations for our "achievements" ? Do they align with scripture? Keep at the writing Christie. I'm sure it seems like effort with all the extra things to do.
Enjoy your time with family.
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Well, my neck has finally gotten so sore from reading your awesome blog over Carol's shoulder and squinting to see your fantastic photos of the land down under on Carol's facebook (laptop on the sofa), that I finally signed up. Now I can really appreciate your work. Thank you for allowing us to tag along! S.
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