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Rick Seiden
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Logistics my ass. I live in Buffalo, NY. Half the time I get something via UPS (and I'm not exaggerating, it happens half the time), it gets to the Buffalo sort facility on a truck that is not unpacked (I'm assuming that's what happens), and the whole truck gets scanned in, then proceeds to Syracuse, NY. There, the truck is unpacked, sorted, and stuff destined for Buffalo gets on a truck and heads BACK to Buffalo. If Logistics were so important to them, they would pack the stuff in such a way as to be able to unload it as they move through major cities. Scan the truck in Buffalo. The system pops up and says "PACKAGES FOR YOUR LOCATION IN TRUCK." You open the truck, and the packages closet to you are for your location. Unpack them, secure the remaining packages, and send them on their way. THAT is logistics!
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Wil, I follow you on Twitter, and just read your posts about following you on there, and about calling you Wesley and/or Gordie. I want to say something here. 1) You are a celebrity. To the geek world, at least, you are. 2) You're right about your work being dismissed out of hand. You are a great actor now, and you were a great actor (for your age) then. 3) Your work as Gordie in Stand By Me was outstanding. Your work in TNG was great as well (although, as you said, you did have some poor writing/plot lines to deal with there, and you were overshadowed by the two best actors in ST history--Sir Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner). I think you should be proud of that work, but still insist on being called Wil. :) 4) There is no number four. 5) Thanks for being Wil, and not Gordie or Wesley, or anyone else. You're down to Earth, and a normal Joe like the rest of us. We appreciate that. Your fan, Rick
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Aug 24, 2010