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Kate Seitz Baker
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This one is akin to the phone call proportional to children's volume....when trying to leave the house, the time you have to leave is proprotional to the speed with which you can get in the car: The less time you have, the slower they move. Case in point: we told our girls, ages 5 & 3.5, that we were going camping at the end of August and they started packing bags & strapping themselves into the car, but when I've tried to get them out the door for any reason and say, "We have to leave NOW" (despite all my attempts to get them out the door for a hour previous to departure time), they have a gazillion things they need to do first (go potty, eat, need tissue...). My friend has her own crappy rule similar to this: the half hour before departure and the half hour after arrival are the worst. I couldn't stop laughing at your post & pictures. Priceless & good to know we are not alone. :-)
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Aug 3, 2011