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Barbara Selvin
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I'm not a member of the futurist coven, largely because I find the thinking too narrowly focused on digital and too dismissive of what works in legacy media - and also because whatever money there is in journalism still seems to reside in the legacy platforms. But I very much like this idea: "not just 'digital first' but audience first." I'd like it better without the word "just," of course.
Money is fungible, and advertising revenues continue to drop. So every bit of revenue that comes in pays, in a sense, for the journalism. The fundamental issue, as I see it, is that the communitarian architecture of the Internet doesn't blend with the profit motive. The Internet was built to share information, newspaper companies to profit from it. I hope the Times' pay wall works. The company that produces so much outstanding work deserves the support of its readers -- online and off.
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Mar 18, 2011