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Simplice, I mentioned the case of Hongkong just as an example.I was in no way suggesting that we should imitate them or that Southern Cameroons has to change to Hongkong. Southern Cameroon has a unique situation as a territory and as such will require unique measures.My opinion centered around the fact that international trents are for people to came together and not to divide.This opinion was in no way intended to belittle the plight of Southern Cameroonians. As for the case of Mr Atangana and Abah, I know it will be a huge mistake for anyone to consider them as opponents to their master Biya. They are all playing the same game though right now in what appears to be in different teams. What they did joining the theological college was just to seek salvation surely not from God but from US who has thought of them as opponents for a long time.They just want us to think they are on our side and that they believe in change.Let me tell you they don’t.These guys didn’t resign their positions as Titus did.They were fired.They have an end game which is definitely not in the interest of any common man in that country. Kumbaboy, I didn’t say Biya should hand over power to the Notherners.I said he will hand over power to a muslim and I even went ahead to say he can even create one. I don’t need to remind you that the country is not yet at war.I am talking about a peace time arrangement.That country will never know war. Cameroon has the highest literacy rate in Black Africa.These are not the people who can fight.The land is so fertile that it has never known any famine. A Cameroonian is very much different from other Blacks because they are always sure of themselves and commit crimes intelligently.They are too smart to think of fighting as a solution.All of us do. Free and fair elections are not even the answer for Cameroon Kumbaboy.We saw free elections in Benin,Congo and we all know the out come of those leaders within those years including professor Pascal Lisoba with all the good faith that he had for his people he couldn’t rule.Before you think of free elections in our political contaxt,there are a number parameters you have to address.Infact take just one,Monetary policy as in the 1960 accord granting independence to the Cameroons.You cannot rule in yaounde as a free candidate just for this fact alone.You mujst be chosen,groomed and introduce to rule a country like Cameroon.There is only one thing that Cameroonians can do to ensure that there is change.They have the right to right their own constitution and include in it that everyone running for public office should not be above 68years old which is normal age for retirement in the very public service.That alone has all the system of checks and balances that a country like Cameroon needs.
Political observers in Yaounde interpreted such a fence-sitting reaction to mean that Biya was still nursing the ambition to succeed himself in 2011.The current scheming by CPDM bigwigs to use the party's parliamentary overwhelming majority to extend the presidential mandate through a constitutional amendment lends credence to the above interpretation. In my humbe opinion,”The political observers in yaounde” from the political history of Cameroon have always have everything wrong.I came to this conclusion for a number of reasons which I shall shed some lights on some for now. Firstly,this same group of party big wigs this time of the CNU party led by Joseph Charles Dumba and Madam Foning went crying to Ahidjo not to leave power in 1982 and we all know what happened.Both of them spent many years on Biya”s bench before gaining grounds into the CPDM party. Secondly, Ahidjo didn’t need a parliamentary majority to remain in power.I don’t think Biya does either.The parliament is a rubber stamp and can be manipulated by just anyone in the Cameroons not only Biya.You remember what happened with the infamous “USA 1994 WORLD CUP” money cameroounians contributed and just because a certain Belo Bouba announced his intentions to run for president of the national assembly that year CPDM had a majority in collision with his junck of allies but all the money was spent in one evening bribing cpdm and its allies not to vote for Bello.Had it been Bello brought some money from exile as most of us believed at the time all he needed to do was to give all the mps an offer they couldn’t refuse. Alas Thirdly, Biya coldn’t have announced in France that he will not be a candidate in 2011.This is because Biya believes today that he is a master.he has amass wealth and enjoyed power to the extend that he no longer looks at himself as a prince.He is now a sultant and controls a sultanate. As a sultant there are certain things he cannot do. First of all he is no longer afraid of the French. He knows French politics and he also know how as a sultant in the golf of guinea all he needs is to pretend to be with the French.The French today are incapable of telling Biya to leave power as they did to Ancien camarade.Biya worked hard during the years to make sure that should never happen to Cameroonians again. Fourly, Lets have a look at france and French Africa.The French people having ignorantly destroyed their own monarchy in the name of a revolution,concerntrated political power to the French bourgiousie and particulary Paris only to realized that in the 21st century france is the last country in G7.There is no way forward for France.In this case,for france to seat of the European and world table comfortably without strikes at home,they need radical changes.French people are so proud to occupy that role.The only remaining option was to hand France’s destiny to the very people they have been persecuting for years.An immigrant.In general, when the soviet bloc was dismantled in the 90s.we all knew the raged that went through that region therefore radical change in Africa is not an option.The French empire is almost finish.With Senegal and Ivory coast gone,Cameroon is leader in central Africa and its been this president’s policy to always sit on the fence.The French are incapable of imagining what is Biya’s next move neither can they predict Mr Wade or the Ivorian president. Fifthly, There is one thing which is common with politicians all over Africa.The only way forward is to have a constitution.There are elements of the constitution which bring changes.We all have glamoured for parliamentary democracy in Africa just to be sure we can check the powers of the president.There is no single political party in Africa which has put in a call for an independent candidates in any elections.This is because they know that some individuals are gifted and they can bring change even at municipal levels.All the party leaders especially in Cameroon will want that before you became a councilor you must first of all be tied down to party laws.This element alone is killing us for one reason only all the party leaders want to kings.The second is that we need to have an age limit for any person holding a government position.If teachers retire at 70years,even the most productive human at seven has given the world its best and should therefore be allowed to retire and go into the private sector.All these old fools look and think of Cameroon as if we are still in the 1960s because they were in their most productive age in the 60s and they want to remaint there its impossible. Lastly, there is no way Biya can be candidate in 2011.He spent 25 minutes with French president just to inform him that.He was not even welcome.The new French administration has a complete different definition with its relationship with Africa. Sakorzy wants Africans to be partners not the other way round because mighty China already is offering an alternative and by making African countries partners is the only way to ensure that the French are not just kicked out of Africa.On Biya leaving power,he needs to find an equilibrium which taken his 25years at the helm of the state is difficult to find.Biya must hand over power to a successor.If there is any change in the constitution it shall be to make sure this happens because the president of national assembly can’t hold Cameroon together even for 2hours should anything happen to Biya least to talk of 40days as in the present constitution.Biya has to give power back to the muslims even if it means he creates one as some of his followers are already in the seminary maybe tomorrow others will go to study the Koran and be accepted by our country from the North.After all a French political writer jean Michael Focau in “Gaullist Africa Cameroon under Ahmadou Ahidjo” says aAdhijo was not from Cameroon. For my Southern Brothers who have often demonstrated rage in this forum I have only one message for you.The message is very simple. OURS IS NOT A VIOLENT FIGHT. I came to this conclusion from a single stand point.French Cameroon has not been able to control our educational system despite all the efforts we continue to receive anglo xaxon style education.We are the only territory in the world without independence which is very capable of standing alone but global trents are for people to merge not separate.We shall have another arrangement maybe like HongKong has with mainland China but one day we shall.