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Patrick Sennett
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It's all right there, I really don't know why you don't see it. The blonde girl in the video, fondling the helmet (no, that's not code for something) is Choumi Yank Dong, the great-granddaughter of Kim Jong-il, and is an internationally ranked baton twirler and dancer (Choumi, not Kim). Although still in grade/elementary school (or glade skool as they say there), she has aspirations to be the Golden Girl for the Hawkeyes. This is simply an attempt to poison the well, so to speak, like the theatres putting subliminal messages into movies (flashing "BUY COKE, YOU CRACKHEADS!!1!!" up for milliseconds. It's all so clear to me now...
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2010 on Connect the Dots at iowahawk
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Feb 4, 2010