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Thank you for clarifying. i think that those who twist science to fit religion are wrong. It should be a marriage of ideas. That is true; he can't. But MY point is that the Jewish scientists i know(myself included, though i'm not a scientist; just an avid nerd), DO NOT separate their work. Their work is part of their belief system. To me, science supports religion. As an example, the Jewish calendar this year is 5751. This is the amount of time since creation, as we believe. This time is from when Adam and Eve started their story in the Garden. The first seven days of creation, because they were part of a "building process", did not necessarily last 24 hours each. Who's to say that the seven days were not seven "eras", like the Paleolithic, Jurassic, etc.? If that were the case, these ages lasted for millions of years each, until such time as G-d deemed the world ready to "start". i see it as the re-indexing of an SQL database. The re-indexing process doesn't stop database access, just makes it slower. Once the re-index is finished, things resume at a normal pace.
To commenter Kevin: i am an Orthodox Jew. That means i follow the rules as written and interpreted, but i don't wear the black coats, tall fur hats, and have the long sidelocks of Hasidic Jews. i am a regular guy. i listen to Metallica, Elton John, Handel, and have watched Dune, like Star Trek, and work as a computer technician. i live in a world of math and physics. i learned data structures in college. i also learned oceanography, gross anatomy, and started a course on stellar cartography(i had to drop it; way too advanced for me, but i thought it was awesome). i cannot say anything but how G-d is everywhere, in every facet of life. If i believe that G-d is truly omnipotent, then He created the laws of physics, biology, and chemistry we adhere to. Everything from the smallest atom in the double-helix to the mind-boggling size of "star factories", like MS 1358t62, found last February. i get such a kick out of reading about the findings in Cern. i am not a scientist. i am just a major nerd. To say that people who are religious can be or are "disingenuous or is dangerously misinformed" puts you on thin ice. i would like to point out that Evangelicalism is relatively new as a religion, as Christianity is, as well, despite being 2'000 years old. Look to what practicing Jewish scientists believe. Judaism predates Christianity by at least 2'500 years. Was it not a Muslim astronomer who first noted the phenomenon of parallax? Al-Battani died in 929, CE. He also is known to have made corrections to Ptolemy's theories, and was influential in the beginning of trigonometry. He believe in G-d and creation, being a devout Muslim. Dr. Nathan Aviezer is an American-Israeli physicist who wrote a book called, "In the beginning", about how Big Bang and creation can fit together. i have it, it's a great read. He writes on cosmology, evolution, creationism, and biology from a Jewish perspective. While Dr. J.R. Oppenheimer was not a completely practicing Jew, he did have a Jewish identity. i had the pleasure of meeting the son of one of his colleagues, who is a Rabbi by the name of Steinmetz. i'm not the only one. i have a friend who has since moved back to Israel. He is a geneticist. Believes in evolution and creation. Another friend lives in Australia. Ali is the research biologist i turn to when i have questions regarding human vs. other mammalian neurology. She is a Lubavich chassidic woman, and a convert to boot. a closer friend of mine works for Kappel here in the NY capital region. She is a nuclear physicist. She is a chassidic woman, as well. Her belief is unwavering. She designs nuclear power systems. There are many religious people who are not like your mentioned subject. Neither are the other Jewish scientists i know. He might have been wrong in his practices, but that doesn't make religious people like myself, or ALL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE "dangerously misinformed". We might have rednecks and hicks where i am in upstate NY, but i am not one of them. Relating to what Diandra L.P. wrote last week, science is not democratic because "the masses" are uninformed. Same here with religion, creation, and science. Most people have only some of the facts in each subject. If we educated people more, maybe they'll have different thoughts on the matter, as i do.
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Dec 19, 2010