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I'm back, living in Virginia. Plan to attend the UVA game on Sat. Just had ACL reconstructed, so won't be mobile, but will be on visitors side (I think) upper sideline, 507, row f, seats 17/18. Hope everyone is well
jw, no worries. I was under the impression it will be either ABC or EPSN 2, depending on where you live. I'll be visiting eastern TN, near Knoxville that weekend....
Does anyone have a blackout map for the UM-GT game for ABC? Thanks and hope everyone is well.
Check...check...hope everyone is well these days! Going with: Offense: Allen Hurns Defense: Ladarius Gunter Freshman: Duke Johnson Position Coach: Paul Williams
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86, Hope all is well. Sorry I haven't posted in eons, no excuses. Will get better, as will the Canes, I'm sure.
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Went to the UM-UVA game this past weekend...first game I've been able to get to in many years. Must say the Canes looked like crap and it took the full first quarter mucking around with stubhub before my tickets got straightened out. But, the weather was great (cool and crisp) and the UVA fans are by far the best dressed and most polite group of people I've ever been around. Plus, touring the campus was a lot of fun. C-Ville's a great town. Walking in the stadium, sitting down, and watching Jacory getting plowed was not the way I envisioned it. The furious fourth quarter rally was fun to watch and I do believe if we had one more series we could've won it. It was funny...the UVA fans never gloated; the entire time I kept hearing whispers about how lucky they felt and that at any time they were going to get beaten. They were pissing themselves once we got that last touchdown. Too bad the defense couldn't make that one last stop. Oh well. Still love watching them play and will continue to watch every game I can. Just have to lower expectations and enjoy them for what they are.
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Does anyone know of any spare tix for the UVA game this weekend? Taking the girl down to C-Ville for the weekend and hoping to grab some.....thanks much!
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Good morning, everyone! Long time, I know.... Heading to the UVA game next weekend. Anyone have any spare tickets or know the best way to purchase some?
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I'm probably taking my gf to the UVA game in C-Ville, if anyone has any tickets!
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Thanks guys. No, Haiti's not fixed nor even close, but people are doing the best they can with what they have. I actually left there some time ago and have been in Asia mucking around. I'm back for a while and hope to begin reading the blog again, especially now that the season is so close. Atlantic Hotel, huh? I'll check it out. My new itinerary was something like this: Sat morning beach, then lunch on Lincoln Rd, take a "nap", visit campus in the afternoon with a stop off drink in C Grove, then back for dinner/drinks on Ocean Drive and call it a night. Any other ideas that might be better?
All, sorry I haven't been around in a while. I do have a concierge favor to ask, if anyone's willing! I'm going down to Miami this weekend for work and am bringing along a new girlfriend. I want to have a romantic, fun weekend with her. She's 29, so want to do/see some fun, cool stuff. Was curious about a neat hotel for Fri and Sat night, maybe South Beach or somewhere, on the beach, etc (maybe Sense South Beach Hotel?). Will definitely do a quick tour of the UM campus, go to the beach a bit. Is there anything exciting going on on Saturday day or evening...concerts, events, etc? What would u recommend for dinner...Lincoln Rd, cocnut grove, etc If you have a few seconds, would love some recommendations to make this a special weekend!!
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For LOF, I'm going with: Streeter for O Ray Ray for D
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Did Calvin get banned. I quit. J/k Souper; don't shoot!
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Six, good call on the FSU game...I personally thought the Noles had a little more in them, but they didn't. Boy they suck. Anyone that was at the were the USF fans? Throwing around excuses or as humbled as they oughta be?
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Great game by the Canes today! - AB played a few downs and it looked like he made every tackle for the U while he was in - BH rocked again...should have had 2 pics - Running backs and O line were balling...BWashington is going to rock next year with Gunn, Figs, and Franklin (hopefully Jones, too) - Where did Graham go? Already trying out for the scouts? - Shields played solid again - STs were good...still don't know why we can't cover a kick off, but nevertheless looked good - Proliferous use of timeouts, but they all seemed to work, so no complaints there - JH played a quiet, but smart game - Great schemes and playcalling by both coordinators - Would have liked to see Highsmith throw on that 4th down, but glad he was able to see a few ticks
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2009 on Bulls Get Slaughtered By Hurricanes at Canespace
GT tried to turn into a passing team and lost. Their best WR just dropped an easy 4th and 10. SEC had our arse today.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2009 on Bulls Get Slaughtered By Hurricanes at Canespace
Cav, I I said, I was just gun-jumping Solar. I do think the VT wasn't a fluke, but an anomoly:)
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on A Hurricane Warning Has Been Issued at Canespace
Cav, I'm only saying this in order to beat Solar to the punch...but, he'll come back shortly and ask you the same question...if it wasn't a fluke, how do we continue to argue the VT debacle we suffered was a fluke?
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on A Hurricane Warning Has Been Issued at Canespace
Here's a lessons learned for you. Issue: Caneslegend Discussion: Your comments, from start to finish and everywhere in between, are negative and suck arse Recommendation: Find a new blog, please...oh, and as soon as you're able Still love to watch the U...great finish. Now, it's time to go out for the evening.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2009 on Break It Down: Miami vs Duke at Canespace
Wow, that sucked. Can't be too positive on much of anything...coaching and playing all sucked. Two positives I can find: - STs played much better...great fake, no blocked punts, AB finally got a good hit, long kick offs, etc. Only negative here was Collier...catch the dang ball and fair catch it. - DBerry continues to impress. He should be our starting, full time RB, period. That's it. The rest just kinda sucked tonight, sadly.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2009 on Game Day Blog: Miami vs North Carolina at Canespace
Thought I'd lighten up the day...I swear I saw some Gaturds with jorts! Enjoy~
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2009 on Mary Knows Football: Week 8 at Canespace
All, Just in case it hasn't been posted yet, here's the ABC coverage map for Saturday: If I'm reading it correctly, VA to FL gets it on standard ABC and ABC HD. Cheers~
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