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This is exactly how I've always felt too. I think that in reality, if someone follows the word of the bible to a T literally, they will come across too many incompatibilities. Divination is written to be wrong in the bible, which is why many people fear they will be sinning if hey use the Tarot cards. Tarot derived from a game where people used them for gambling purposes, so they were forbidden by the church for that and not divination at the time. I believe that so many of the people in the bible had gifts and it speaks highly of those gifts. The bible says a lot and I do believe it has been touched by people who wanted to add or make changes. This makes it very confusing for people who are still unsure about everything. One women I did a reading for was very fearful of hearing from me and Spirit. She was so relieved when I told her that I heard her family member praising God and singing about him. She told me he was a priest. She learned then that Spirit is always around us and can be very good :)
Thank you for the reply, I don't use twitter much- I added you just now though. I should try to use it more often, more of a facebook person lol. I am not too familiar with google plus, I connected one of my accounts and added you. I've tried before on my photography email- but never learned how to use it properly. I'll have to learn soon.
I gave this deck to my mother as a gift. I was a born a Medium and I'm so lucky that I have a mom whose very intuitive and open minded that she could help me growing up (even if she didn't understand it when I was a child). I thought this would be a wonderful deck to give my mom who already loves Doreen's oracle cards but feels traditional Tarot is a bit overwhelming for her. Good practice opening up and trusting Spirit, energy, Guides, and God. Always such beautiful and appealing artwork on her cards. I would love to create a deck one day too- but will have to stick with self publishing on amazon-ebooks. What a great technology to get work out there tho!
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2012 on Angel Tarot at This Boyer Life
Hi Janet, I found you on Amazon, while looking for someone to review my ebook. I read your site and saw that there was a link to an email- but there must be a problem with my browser. I couldn't click on it. I tried sending you the email through FB, but it doesn't have that option unless my friendship request was accepted. This article has it spot on. You really do need to engage people and create a relationship with them. I am also much more apt to support someone who has treated me as an equal than those who pretend they have better things to do than converse with a "fan" etc. I want to feel the person is "real" and down to Earth...and I try to do this as well. My own ebook does fairly well considering I am a "nobody" lol. But it could do a lot better too. I'll keep up the marketing and keeping in touch with those who read my work. ;)
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Aug 22, 2012