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Apr 23, 2010
I was raised with these ideas and it is a disturbing and confusing thing when faced with the truth of the situation that the Truth you believe you are following, and have believed since you were a small child, is not only fiction, but harmful fiction. I never thought of myself as a stupid person or a sheep, but I really didn't question things the way you have. Not until I was around other people who did. Maybe that does make me a sheep. I am ashamed, but I know that if I don't admit it than I can't really get past it. On one hand I am so sorry that fear had such a hold on me, and faith was so tempting a pillow to bury my intellect in. I could "believe" away any responsibility and of the real work that would have to come from seeing. Faith really is the easy way out of everything; problems, fear, misdeeds, life. God won't give you anything you can't handle! Right? But if there's no god, then you have to get up and handle it yourself. That's a lot more difficult. I just found your blog, so I'm sorry I'm late to the party. I'm a bit behind on quite a few things, I suppose. Thank you for this though. I look up to your bravery and your insight. I'm still working on it, personally. From reading the comments left here over the years, you seem to bring quite a bit of insight to many.
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Apr 23, 2010