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Jul 18, 2011
The AG will be given the chance to make an agreement with the WM3 defense team to skip the evidentiary hearing phase. Lets hope he makes the right decision :)
Kidx, lets see if you can relieve yourself of your hallucinations and follow the bouncing ball. There are to date 242 exhonerees from DNA. 1/4 of these or 25% made a false confession. You said I made up the figure, I did not. Since 1976,1232 people have been executed in the US. 139 have been exhonerated. This means that juries got it wrong at least 10% of the time.
ILS I never said all exhonorees. You should try and understand what you read before trying for a pedantic baseless argument.
ILS, twice now you have asked for information, been given it and not bothered to thank the party responsible. FYI it is common courtesy to say thanks. In the recent McDaniel/Kennedy debate Kennedy articualtes both the need for the AG office to identify who their true client is and indicates the need to test everything involving the WM3 case. MCDaniel lies and says that they have paid for the DNA testing and even shared it with the defense. Getting back, her facebook/myspace associations are indeed in the public domain. In future, I suggest you vote for whomevers policy you deem to be the best but certainly don't base it on some trumped up adjunct.
Certainly not made up and ahem.. do more research ;D
ILS, I doubt you will find any "official" web page from Dustin McDaniel having as a friend. MS Kennedy does. Mr Echols has said that she brought his case up as an example of McDaniels hipocrisy with "justice". How might the Green party "harm" the Wm3's appeals? Ms Kennedy is anti-DP for one thing.
Information was obtained from here It was also mentioned in the recent oral arguements put forth by Mr Riorden. The figure is actually somewhat shy as it only pertains to exhonerations from DNA.
Ms Kennedy seems to publicly support the WM3. She has them as friends listed both on her myspace and facebook.
25% Of exhonorees have falsely confessed. It does happen and more often than you think.There is no evidence to suggest that the convicted are indeed guilty. Infact quite the opposite.
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Oct 28, 2010