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Michael Murray
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I agree with Cnote and bill jackson, WELL SAID. One thing I still do is chat with the ones who have gone before me, especially when in Prayer and Meditation. There is a difference from when it, the chatting started back in the 70's. The alcohol and other mood mind altering drugs are gone. (not the caffeine though) Take care and remember, some will NEVER understand.
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It's been awhile since we chatted here or on the phone Clare. When last we did I live in Georgia. Since retirement, have moved to a ridge in the Ozarks of Arkansas. As you may remember I was with a Hospice in Georgia. Am now connected to one here and have the honor of supporting folks there, especially our Vets. I agree with Phil and the Serenity Prayer. It has helped me and countless others when in time of need. Sometimes we feel helpless as Caregivers yet we know in our hearts we have given the best we can. For me, it has been an honor to be with the Vets (and others) when it's time to go Home. I'm reminded Life is Eternal and that the time here on Mother Earth is but a part of that. Clara, I am so, so happy you have 'hung in there' with the job you've chosen to continue. Yes, there are those moments we have to take a brake and find time for the Self. I'm glad you know that and do it. May you have Peace, Love & Happiness in your Journey. Michael
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Dec 5, 2009