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Ooh that sounds painfully familiar! Maybe I'll show it to the pair of sickeningly perky, twenty-something yummy-mummies-to-be at work..!
I hadn't read your previous post yet, so I've just had a look at it and all the comments. Maybe you've had some comments sent to you elsewhere, but the ones I've read all seem to be very supportive of your post so I don't think you've upset and angered people. If you've sparked a debate, or even just made people think, then that's a good thing. You're a talented writer and people want to read what you've written and discuss it with others. That's no bad thing, whether they agree with you or not. For what it's worth, I agree wholeheartedly with you. I'm new to blogging and have only recently become aware of the mummy blogging community. I've been quite surprised to see the term 'mummy blogger' used in a derogatory way. But then maybe not surprising, as it's a convenient way for some people to condescend to women who have children, as though the moment you give birth you're incapable of intelligent thought. Absolutely we are mummies, and very proud of it, but we're also just as intelligent and talented as anyone else. I thought it was a great post, and I hope you choose to keep writing x
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Mar 26, 2010