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Hi Jeff, any chance you could add id's (or if you want to be retro, anchor names) to the H3 elements so entries can be linked to directly?
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2013 on New Programming Jargon at Coding Horror
I think you're right to bring up text input and small devices. Early texting on mobile telephones was fiddly and difficult to use, so people invented a short-hand where they didn't spell anything properly, used the word "loll" all the time and added a message terminator in the form of a smug, smiling, winking face. So, the solution isn't to change the technology but the behaviour of the people using it. I imagine a voice recognition future where some new language is invented in order to leverage the technology - an unambiguous vocabulary enhanced by pops and whistles and that noise you can make by sticking your hand in your armpit.
I wasn't sure of the exact function of LINE SEPARATOR (U+2028) and PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR (U+2029), but you prompted me to go find out. The Unicode spec says: "Traditionally, NLF started out as a line separator (and sometimes record separator). It is still used as a line separator in simple text editors such as program editors. As platforms and programs started to handle word processing with automatic line-wrap, these characters were reinterpreted to stand for paragraph separators. For example, even such simple programs as the Windows Notepad program and the Mac SimpleText program interpret their platform’s NLF as a paragraph separator, not a line separator." NLF (New Line Function) in this context is shorthand for CR, LF and CRLF. By contrast, the two Unicode characters have unambiguous uses. Not that I've ever seen them in the wild. I could see them being used converting HTML to UTF-8 plain/text or somesuch (maybe).
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on The Great Newline Schism at Coding Horror
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