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Nice post. I'm a long-time lurker but thought I'd chime in. I just spent a year in S. Korea and am currently traveling in SE Asia. All around me, I see small shops, people running their own internet cafes, bike rental places, food carts. The payouts aren't huge, the businesses small, the hours are long...but they're still entrepreneurs. In Korea, you had little family-run groceries on every block. Guys came onto the subway selling the strangest things (spandex arm socks, for example). Sure, a lot of Koreans want to work for one of the big conglomerates, but I felt there was more entrepreneurial activity in Korea than in many parts of the U.S., especially the Southeast. I feel like the culture of entrepreneurship in these places is more out of necessity; being an entrepreneur isn't something you do because you want to 'break out of the nine-to-five,' but you do it because, for so many, there simply isn't a 'nine-to-five' to break out of. Cheers, Seth
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Feb 27, 2010