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Seth Primack's American Dream on Prezi Continue reading
Mean Girls is a movie about a girl from Africa named Cady who comes to America in her teenage years with no exposure to American Culture. She doesn't know about the many gender roles, and other stereotypes that define high schools at the time. So when she arrives at the high school her mind is a blank, impressionable slate. She quickly meets two different groups of people. One group is against the social norms and is seen as outcasts. The other group is the most popular girls in the school, who got that way because of their obsession with their... Continue reading
I agree with this post I read on WAM which talks about how women are under-represented in media forms such as radio, tv, and more. In order for women to be more equal with men they have to be equally represented in media because media is what children see all the time and when children see someone that looks like them, they think thats what they can become. If a child sees someone that doesn't look like them all the time they will grow to think that isn't their place in society. While women in media are currently outnumbered by... Continue reading
Books are, by default, superior to their movie counterparts. A written story has natural advantages over a film because it leaves room for imagination, and lets you picture what it is, instead of picturing it for you. Take Cirque Du Freak, one of my favorite series from years ago. While reading all twelve books I continually pictured what I would imagine the characters, and the surrounding areas to look like. I dreamed of an ideal movie that would showcase my thoughts. All of a sudden, I hear from a friend that the trailer for the Cirque Du Freak Movie is... Continue reading
This cartoon from a documentary about the Columbine Shooting, Bowling for Columbine, is meant to make fun of the way Americans have acted throughout history. It uses irony and hyper boles to show how ridiculous the actions of Americans have looked throughout history, by painting Americans as paranoid. Whenever Americans got scared of something, they would try to relieve their fear through enacting measures that would make them even more scared in the future, which is ironic. The goal of the cartoon, as well as the rest of the film, is to point out the foolishness of guns, and how... Continue reading
Mad TV, just like SNL, enjoyed using race as a basis for many of their jokes, such as in this spoof of Survivor where the teams are made up of 4 different types of Americans whose competitive abilities are determined by their race. The skit makes fun of the idea that whites are superior to the other races, by having them be the only race shown in the video which does not seem to possess a weakness hindering their performance. It also points out how each race is given a different disadvantage, which is a metaphor for stereotypical disadvantages that... Continue reading
In Last of the Mohicans, Cora represents the ideal rugged individualist. When she lived in Britain, Cora was a traditional British woman, valuing stability and tradition over individualism. Her trip to America completely changed her outlook. From the second she met Nathaniel, Cora's views of the world were changed. She did not long for her home anymore, instead she enjoyed her adventure in America. When she asked Nathaniel why the people would live in the wilderness, unprotected, she genuinely did not know as the idea is completely foreign to her. She quickly became enticed in the idea of exploring the... Continue reading
If you were forced to, would you rather spend your entire life watching an exciting TV show, or an interesting one? Example: Law and Order SVU, or the History Channel? Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2011 at Seth's Hypothetical Question Blog
Letters From Iwo Jima is a movie set during world war 2, on an island called Iwo Jima which the Japanese feel is a sacred island and must protect at all costs. It is shown from the perspective of a Japanese soldier in the Japanese vs. American conflict over Iwo Jima. Before being pulled into the war, he is living with his pregnant wife, looking forward to a safe future with his kid. The idea in Japan during this time is that everyone has to sacrifice themselves for their country if asked to, and so when the military comes to... Continue reading
The book Hunger Games is a great modern day example of romanticism. It centers around a time in the future where the world as the main character knows it is split into 13 districts and a capital, following a catastrophic war. The capital rules everything and treats everyone in the districts like slaves. After the districts rebelled and lost in a war, the capital decided to enforce a new rule called the Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games, every year one boy and girl would be selected from each district to serve in a survival of the fittest sporting event... Continue reading
In the movie Green Mile, many aspects of romanticism are emphasized. The movie is about an enormous black man named John Coffe in the 1930s who is wrongfully convicted to death for murder. The rest of the world is quick to label him as a murderer and a terrible person, but they do not look closely enough to see what he's really like. At the start of the movie, when you first see John Coffe, your first impression of him would probably be that he's a murderer, because that's what society has labeled him as. When the main character, a... Continue reading
A great example of a recent logical fallacy in media would be Kanye West's attack on President Bush. Kanye has been known for his many stunts in media, such as the one where he said Beyonce had the best song of all time to Taylor Swift. In this incident, he makes the claim that President Bush doesn't care about black people just because black people were suffering during the time of hurricane katrina. Continue reading
After seeing the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 still given a lot of thought and attention, it made me wonder. Will people in 60 years look at 9/11 the same way we look at pearl harbor now? While it happened under different circumstances, the outcome was similar. Thousands of Americans died after an unexpected attack on our home country, but when we talk about Pearl Harbor we don't treat it as if it's this thing we need to relive every time the anniversary comes around. Is it possible that 10 years from now 9/11 will just be another thing in... Continue reading
When i watched this advertisement for Hasbro's Rose Petal Cottage my initial reaction was that it was a joke, and that it was a skit from some show on Comedy Central. After watching it over again i realized that it was serious. The commercial is of little girls playing happily in their new playhouse which includes a washing machine, sink, oven, and best of all a cradle with a fake baby in it. There's a child singing in the background," I love when my laundry gets so clean, taking care of my home is my dream dream dream!..." I'm not... Continue reading
Obama's plan in this speech is to basically make you feel like passing the bill immidietly is the best option because it's urgent and not doing it would only harm the economy. He explains how he will pay for it and how it will function in every part of the plan. This entire speech made the use of Logos. An obvious example would be where whenever he spoke facts would appear at the side of the screen to show how the plan would come into play. The overwhelming amount of statistics given to you is supposed to make you think... Continue reading
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Sep 8, 2011