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I think it's sex if you would count it as sex or if the other person would count it as sex, everything in a circle on a Venn diagram. I would count the people who count rather than the number of people I've been intimate with. And that's because I too have a list of people who I haven't crossed a physical line but honestly, any barriers to being that close have been lost a long time ago. Those are the people with whom I'm at risk for feeling tangled up in or otherwise having to balance my life around. It's the people who count.
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I like this post but I couldn't find a like button anywhere.
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I think you're jumping the gun. Polyamory doesn't have to be popular in order to be acceptable, enjoyable, or healthy. Polyamory also is shunned because we socially see people in pairs most of the time. So I don't think you should be afraid to take a positive stand and send a message of how it can be done via your book and your blog or whatever. If I'm not practicing polyamory, and I'm in favor of it being one model of ethical intimacy, it's because despite the belief that I can blend partners ethically, I can't manufacture these partners out of thin air. Neither am I rushing out to fill an essence void with people who aren't right for my preexisting situation. Myopically, I tend to think many people who would be in favor of some polyamorous variation are in that sort of situation just like I am.
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Jul 5, 2011