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Kim!!! I just LOVE your apron!! It speaks volumes girl ~ you are the sewing queen! Have a great week sweetie, xxoo, Dawn
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2009 on at Books A Million at Calamity Kim
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The markers look so yummy!!! I just love art stuff....the more the better! Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard image, I love it! Have a wonderful weekend, xxoo, Dawn
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2009 on If you give a mom a marker.... at scrapologie
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Hi sweet Ulla!! Well, I just had to comment on this subject....this is how I look at my blog ~ as an artist I love creating, I love sharing, I love blogging and meeting so many new friends...I enjoy keeping up with my blog and am pretty consistant as well and want my posts to be uplifting and interesting too ~ I did choose to place ads on my blog because this IS my job, to be an artist, to share my ideas and artwork. The checks from the ads have been a true blessing in my life as money is always tight around here. At Christmas, I was so very thankful to receive two different checks when I really needed money for gifts. I believe it's a personal decision and if you keep providing the inspiration and goodness on your blog that you always have, I will always be visiting you as will other readers, ads or not!!! Wishing you nothing but the best sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2009 on Life is a Dance... at ULLABENULLA
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I just love beautiful old images and appreciate any you post!!! I would love to put a button on my blog for everyone to visit you as I give away a good many of my collection of images too! My blog is ~ Do you mind if a make a link with your banner art?? Wishing you a wonderful new year, xxoo, Dawn
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2009 on Vintage Dreams at scrapologie
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Thank you so much for the image!! I love free images and give away tons on my blog too ~ I so know that pms feeling that nothing in the world can quite make you feel's best just to be done with it! Thanks again, I'll hop over and see the link you provided ~ xxoo, Dawn
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2008 on Another Christmas Past... at scrapologie
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