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A Donation on the way too!!
Well, Pam you are a true pain in the neck to these folks. They follow the rules for radicals right on down the line. They TRY to demonize you. However it really MAKES them look like idiots because this is a good way for conservatives who hate obermann to find out about YOU!! This will be backfire on him 'cause YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF GOOD AMERICANS AND he IS NOT!!
Ugly is as ugly does. OH, YES SIR those guys are futt-ugly, ALL THE WAY TO THE BONE. LOL
I love the poppy on the jacket of that Policeman "escorting" the mussies through the underground! Bet he did that ON PURPOSE!! God Bless him!!
Soros is as close to the anti-christ as we have going right now. As I said before, he is goin' to hell and I think he wants to take as many with him as possible. A serpent is NOT more dangerous than Georgie boy!
I wonder if old Georgie-boy knew where the "lost" Hungarian train filled with the treasures that the Nazis confiscated from Hungarian Jews and the Hungarian government was located??? The war came to an end before it could get to Germany??? Hmmmmmmmmmm? How DID he amass such a fortune as a young University student in London by the way??? HMMMMMMMMM! Georgie thinks he has everybody fooled. HA! Georgie-boy is one deluded devil! Enjoy the sunlight Georgie while you can, 'cause boy, you will miss it in HELL!
It is time for Rifqa to sue her parents and their lawyer for deflamation of character.
And another thing... you would need an air traffic controller to be able to understand it.... oh, wait all the "flight paths" the lines are NOT numbered...aawwwwwwwwww DANG!
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Well I wonder if the person who made this chart is on crack.
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Apr 28, 2010
As I glazed upon that thing . That drawing of colors and lines, I was reminded of a MAD magazine parody back in the 1960s. I cannot remember what the subject but it had all sorts of lines ans arrows and colors. Anyway,that thing about Afghanistan made me DIZZY just looking at it. Do you think al queerda uses stuff like that to understand what they are doing???
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Boycott!! Boycott their sponsors!!! And let the sponsors know why and let C.C know why as well.
Unfortunately, the dumo council voted to accept the moslem infiltrator. Please note that 6 BRAVE souls voted against the SOB. Anybody in the State of Florida want to BOYCOTT GATE Petroleum, DO IT!! It is owned by Jacksonville Mayor Peyton and his daddy. You might just say he is just his daddy's little boy.
Hey!! Look in Jacksonville the City councilor Ray Holt has already changed his vote from YES to NO!!! Read this please. It seems that Ahmed sent the good concilor an answer to his questions by sending a paper that he wrote but it there were contradictory statements regarding HAMAS and violece and terrorism. SO Holt changed his vote to NO!!!! Now some of the good citizens of Jacksonville are not for Ahmed and IF the light of day come onto his CAIR fiasco perhaps Ahmed will withdraw his name. But that is not likely since he has the former mayor Delaney( RINO) and the present mayor Peyton( in the OIL business, GATE petroleum) love the guy and think his poop( cair) does not stink... Jacksonville, a very large city with tiny brained leaders.
to the IDIOT... therushreport..... YOU ARE A JEW HATER! You disgust me!! Your screen name should be the TUSH REPORT!
At any rate, Rev. Graham is very popular in this country among CHRISTIANS of ALL denominations and the mussies have made a HUGE PR mistake.... this on the heels of the South Park mess, I think many MORE people will start to say, WAIT just a golled dern minute here.... moslems kill and tormnet all non-muslims the world over but expect to be treated with kid the West! Well, the gloved are coming off here with me. Every single time I see a female dressed in that RIDICULOUS head dress or more... I am going to point and make a horrible face at her! I do not have to say a word!!She WILL get the point!! AT the grocery store just last week I told the manager that I did NOT want a moslem female touching the French cheese that I was going to buy in the "fancy deli" area. He got somebody else to wait on me.... YA'LL TRY THIS YOURSELF!! The stores want YOUR business especially on expensive items like $9 a pound CHEESE!! MAKE the store accomodate YOU!! I had her removed before over in the general deli area weeks ago too. I do not want any jihadist touching my food PERIOD!! Iwarned my family about all this but soem of them were late to the memo... for example.... There is a Krystal restuarant on Baymeadows Rd at the I95 exit in Jacksonville Fl. My cousin Ralph, an attorney by the way, stopped there on the way from Orlando to Amelia Island for a deposition... a guy named Mohammed took his order and then brought out the meal which was the grits and scrambled egg with SAUSAGE and the eggs. The sausage had STRAIGHT BLACK hairs on them AT least 4, about 2 to 4 inches long, he said!! Ralph said he called the guy a dirty PIG because those hairs were definitely his.. the other workers were red-haired or blond. The lady at the drive thru had bright Orange hair. He demanded his money back. The mussie was shocked . Ralph went outside and called the Florida dept. that covers restaurant cleanliness and reported it. Then called the Krystal home office in Chattanooga to complain. He did not mention the servers name. He said he was told that this is their NEWEST store and that they were very sorry. IN fact they said they OTHER complaints too because they asked him was it was a guy named mohammed that waited on him. And yes it was! WORD TO THE WISE!!!!Do not eat there folks unless you like nasty mussie hairs( spit or worse) in your food. PASS IT ON!!!
I always found it interesting that the terrorists used the Bosnian word for "explosion" in that terror plot... BOJINKA... since there were so many islamics from the Middle East involved in the civil war in Bosnia where the Christians were fighting the muslims trying to survive or prevent the creation islamic nation of Bosnia. And Bin Laden carried a Bosnian passport from that new islamic nation and that KSM and two of the 9/11 hijackers served in that civil war to help establish the new islamic state... BOSNIA. All these muslim terrorists are tied to each other and the PC policies of the US govt. regarding the new islamic state of Bosnia ...IS SHOCKINGLY STUPID! Same with Kosovo!
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The Turks made a huge tall tower of Serbian skulls in the 19th century as well. They butchered every man and boy in an area of Serbia because they wanted their freedom. The TURKS were and are still blood thirsty BUTCHERS! I urge evrybody to tell Americans to boycott Turkey and any product from there. Towels, clothing and textiles are imported to the USA in massive numbers now. Check the labels. Be sure to tell the store management WHY you are NOY buying the items made in Turkey!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on Scenes from Jihad: Bulgaria 1876 at Atlas Shrugs
Thanks Slice... he is not doing very well. He had an abscess behind the bad eye as well and that has complicated everything. We were at the hospital earlier and he is just plain out of it. He looks just plain pitiful....poor Sir C. bye
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Sorry I did NOT get all my thoughts out there clearly about the embassies and anything else... but I had to take our little cat to have an eye taken out today and he may not live.... we are plenty upset. He is our favorite pet and although he is 7 years old we went with the surgery.Hope he makes it, poor thing. He has to stay at the animal hospital tonight and maybe longer. Last year, he got out of the house early one morning and some monster banged him in the head with a rod or hard stick and caused an eye problem. They also knocked out a few of his teeth. If you are an animal lover you know how we feel.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on Just for knowing at Atlas Shrugs
UNFORTUNATELY the WORLD governments refuse to recognise Jerusalem as a "capital" because they want Israel to "give it back" to the mussies. AS if it was the mussies in the first place. So these world POWERS have their embassies in the business "capital" of Tel Aviv , therefore SNUBBING the ISRAELI political capital. Lest they "hurt" sensitive musies! humpt! What I want is for Israel to DECALRE to the WORLD... THIS IS THE ONLY CAPITAL and YOU countries have to MOVE your political embassies to the ONLY CAPITAL. If you do not then JUST GET OUT! Until the world gives in to ISRAELI demands for THE ONE ISRAELI CAPITAL of JERUSALEM, the world and the mussies have some idea they can acquire Jerusalem for their own nefarious plans. Israel should declare it IS our ONLY capital and that is IT! Period! It is NOT TEL AVIV where you other nations have placed your embassies!! Accept it or get OUT!
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on Just for knowing at Atlas Shrugs
I will be sending a donation to support this effort!! Oh, yes!! Come on everybody let's donate to this cause!!
Kosovo IS NOTHING like the "FAKESTAN". I have Serbian friends in Kosovo. Serbs SUFFER daily at the hands of Moslems ! NO moslem SUFFERS injustice at the hands of the Israelis!! NONE! The EU has backed off stating that Russia attacked Georgia FIRST. Why??? Because there was TOO much evidence that Georgia attacked and killed thousands of civilians before Russian troops came through the mountains. Check out on YOU TUBE, your GEORGIAN hero eating his tie while he waits to talk to George Bush. The BBC filmed the whole thing and he did not even know it. Hungarians are HUNGARIANS. My dad says they are made up of all sorts of folks and their language is ONLY similar to the FINNISH language. My Finnish friends say yes, that is CORRECT. Even Hungarian embroidery is similar to Finnish work and Estonian too. The Austro-Hungarian Empire liked to have blended or "absorbed" people in order to better control them. I really have no interest in the kun people and where they originated. Georgians are NOT Ossetians and neither are Abahazians. I have a friend, an attorney now living in Hawaii who was at one time an Abahazi refugee and he hates GEORGIANS. They killed his family back in the 1990s when the Abahazis ONLY wanted their freedom to be WHO they are, not Georgian lackies. If not for some Orthodox monks who hid him from Georgian forces, he would be dead as well. Ammaros I do NOT like your attitude about ANYTHING. Now, our conversation is at anend. ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU CLAIM KOSOVO IS LIKE FAKESTAN!
I just called the Israeli Embassy in DC.... told their answering machine, I AM WITH YOU and G-d bless Israel!! JERUSALEM SHOULD BE MADE THE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL TODAY.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on Just for knowing at Atlas Shrugs
I almost forgot.... the boycott and sanctions on Serbia that were in place for years during the civil war and lasted until Milosevic was taken to the Hague to be tried and then poisoned with the wrong medicines. Why, Serbians could not even get help from the Red Cross for medicines or blood during the sanctions. Only the UN gave any help to the 750,000 Serbian refugees from Bosnia and Croatia who flooded into Serbia and Montenegro. Even that was not nearly enough. So, Israel could face an isolation just like Serbia did. And it would be very ugly. Sort of a old nazi ghetto situation. SAD! SAD! SAD!