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In the slide labeled "VFCache hardware advantage", would it be possible for you to tell us what the comparison product ("popular card") is? I'm guessing it's an original Fusion-io ioDrive card from those numbers... I think the newer ioDrive2 is substantially faster, and more of a comparable product to the (admittedly very good) Micron P320h you're using!
Can you talk a bit more about native snapshot support? I'm not seeing it mentioned anywhere else...
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Give her a second chance, Marc! iPad may not do everything perfectly, but she's so pretty and so fast. Let her back into your life! You'll learn to love again... (Note: This was YOUR metaphor! Don't blame me!)
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It's too bad we won't be able to continue hearing from you at this blog. I only hope this isn't a sign of deeper anti-blogging sentiment as reported elsewhere...
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2010 on Signing Off at The Backup Blog
Thank you for saying what so many were thinking, Gene! It's funny - EMC really pulled out the stops, introducing a strategic vision that left many scratching their heads. But the product lurking behind the curtain looks remarkably pedestrian to me so far. Admittedly I have NO special knowledge of it, but based on the hints from Pat and Chuck Hollis and the rest, it looks like a fairly straightforward storage virtualization platform with extra consistency goodness for long-distance use. In other words, a wide-area version of IBM SVC. This is awesome technically, and I applaud EMC for getting something like this working. But it's far, far from strategic. The miracle is that they wedded such a visionary presentation to such a technical product launch!
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Mar 17, 2010