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If you're interested in describing a business model, I highly recommend reading this: and this directly from steve blank: The canvas is a fantastic tool for explaining your business model, and explaining alternatives. If you read back issues (so to speak) of steve's blog he does a great job explaining how to iterate on the business model (what a startup should be doing). Oh! and he's speaking at SXSWi... :)
I think you could say the best use of process is to remove the mundane, and enable the great. That doesn't always mean automation is the answer (queue the automated receptionist telling us how important we are in that monotone irony of automation).
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There was an excellent session about this at SXSWi this year- blogger burnout. The question was asked how do the bloggers who do it for a living keep it up? Each panelist had a different take: - guilt or obligation to readers was one answer - passion for the topic was another - nothing wrong with taking a time-out on a blog was a third answer - because we're people and we're not obligated to do anything and sometimes our passion takes us in a different direction for a while. Welcome back to blogging!
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May 4, 2010