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Pilatique Singapore
Singapore 069250
What is Pilates? It is a system of exercises that focuses on your core. It develops strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and promotes good posture. Today, many fitness professionals developed Pilates with a team of physical therapists, physiotherapists, sports medicine and exercise professionals into a comprehensive and systematic discipline, and one of the most recognized in the fitness industry is STOTT Pilates. That is why we believe Pilates is for everyone because it is a safe mental and physical fitness system. Pilates is great, but you cannot learn it by yourself since it consists of various types of exercise. So if you want to know how to start Pilates, you will need a Pilates instructor. That's where Pilatique Pilates Studio comes in. We offer the best Pilates Classes in Singapore. Our certified Pilates instructors will help you achieve any of your fitness goals while keeping your fitness routines interesting and enjoyable. We have extensive Pilates fitness programs to choose from Our studio is equipped with the latest gear for both equipment based and mat-based workouts. Our Pilates classes include private and semi-private sessions. Our friendly instructors will help you customize your fitness programs to improve on any of your physical difficulties. Learning Pilates is a rewarding experience for anyone who wishes to improve on their overall wellbeing. We have options for everyone from newbies, athletes, pre/post natal clients to experienced instructors who wants to enhance their expertise and expand their knowledge about contemporary Pilates. We have top notch STOTT Pilates education, which is regarded to be very useful for instructors. You will be taught by certified STOTT Pilates instructor trainers to help you or mentor you on your career path as an instructor. Join us now and get the best Pilates experience at Pilatique Pilates Studio Singapore!
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Dec 11, 2016