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Aww Sweet Kim...I am older than you...55 this did that happen>?? LOL I still belive I am 25 or 30..but its been an adventure! I do know what you mean..lost my high school sweetheart husband at 23...& my dad died when he was 52..& I was so emotional the yr I turned 52! And my sweet mom 10 yrs ago..almost lost a sister last I do know how you feel..but you have given me SO much thru these yrs!!Your an amazing women..& if you have dreams you should follow them girly...I will follow you anywhere:) On my bucket list is to meet you:) Many blessings Hugs & Love.. Deb:) xoxo
Toggle Commented May 17, 2011 on For Now.... at Daisy Cottage
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Dear Kim....Happy Valentines to you sweetie!!! Much congrats to your sweet daughter!!! My sweet daughter got engaged New Years Day also & we are so happy for her & her sweet brave solider...They thought they had some time before his departure to Afghanastan (sp?) but was not to be...he got word on this past tues. he would be leaving sat. for extra training on the east coast..& with both working & getting his gear together..sat. was here. Our hearts broke for her...but with family & love & facebook...she will make it:) Their love is strong & I am so proud of her & him! Love is in the air:) Thanks for think I rambled sweets.. Hugs to your sweet daughter & her handsome man:) Hugs.. Deb:) XOXO
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2011 on Love Is In The Air at Daisy Cottage
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Sweet Kim...My dad died at 52 also...miss him every day also...He had 3 girls..4 with mom..& every Valentine day he got his girls the cutest box of chocolate candy! Sweet memories:) Hugs.. Deb:) xoxox
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2011 on Speaking of Birthdays... at Daisy Cottage
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What a sweet darling man!! Your very lucky sweets!! I loved his fried egg..hes a doll:) So are you! Hugs.. Deb:)
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2011 on Knitting Guy at Posie Gets Cozy
Awwww Kim...I broke out in a sweat & my heart was beating soooo fast..before I finished reading!! YOU are so important to inspire us...encourage us..cheer us:) So we shall see your darling smiling face..& maggie & marley's next year! yes! Wishing you & your family a blessed Christmas..& very Happy New Year Hugs.. Deb:) xoxo
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on Dear Daisy Cottage Family ... at Daisy Cottage
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Awww darling!! Just adorable:) Wishing you & your family a very blessed Thanksgving sweets! Hugs.. Deb:) xox
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Ms. Kim...Happy Anniversary to YOU sweets!! The time has just flew by...because your sweet blog makes US feel good & YOU always make US feel like we're best friends!! Your amazing & we LOVE you & your blog so much...I can't even begin to describe it!! LOL Not much of a writer here...but I know you know what I mean:) Your giveaway is so generous hon! Have a GREAT time & we will always be right here...waiting for YOU:) Hugs... Deb:) xoxo
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2010 on Four Years and Something For YOU! at Daisy Cottage
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Ohhhhh & Ahhhhh Heather!!! LOVE the room & you did great! Looks comfy & I love the bed! I for sure would stay there! LOVE it:) Hugs.. Deb:)
Hi Kim...Love your pictures & LOVE Ms. Maggie!! Such a dollbaby! I have been MIA for weeks...after an 8 day vacatio came back & my sis was so sick so I took her to ER. Shes in ICU now with pneumonia & still so sick...its hard on family to just wait...but we have faith & lots of family & friends surrounding us! So nice to come visit your blog & relax a mintue.. Hugs... Deb:)
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2010 on The Sun and the Shade at Daisy Cottage
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Hi Kim!! Yummy salad & such sweet neighbors!! I thought of you this AM..we are on vacation at a popular lake in OK & I went flea marketing this AM & saw some things I knew you would like...its so funny.. I think to myself...Ohhh Kim would like this...& I bet Janet would like this & so on! LOL...Its fun to do that when antiquing by oneself:) makes you feel you have alot of friends! Our summer salad has been so easy & so good...its HOT here in ok...temps over 100:( So... we buy spinach salad mix..pre-cooked cocktail shrimp..I add apples & raisins..& any cheese you like...bacon bits..& ranch dressing!! YUM-YUM & nice & cool! We brought the stuff to eat on vacation...YUM! Have a great weekend & next time I'll call see if you want something:) Hugs.. Deb:)
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2010 on Summer Salad at Daisy Cottage
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