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I would not call it innovative, it’s a high-profile major endorsement for sure, but is it more innovative than the Pepsi-Amazon deal of 2008 (that caused labels to drop DRM and move to MP3s), or any other high-profile brand endorsement of music as a driver and influencer (of which we handle hundred per year BTW)? Of course, one wonders, given that Spotify, as hot as it is in the press these days, is no Amazon, one wonders what is the value exchanged: Did they partner 50/50 on ads? Did one party pay the other (and if so, who paid who)?
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2012 on What Spotify + CocaCola Means For Music at hypebot
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Ian, thank you for this write up. While the intention is spot on, this is NEVER going to happen. SNOCAP "tried" and failed for the same reasons that this would always fail. Yes, there are many firms with the back-bone to run a DB of this sort, our Neurotic Media Platform included. But the challenge is in song identification and rights application, and that can never really be resolved: 1. You will run into huge ownership issues, especially cross-territorial (older model prevailing etc.), debates between labels, publishers and PROs that will lead to thousands of court cases. 2. You will run into a tone of uploads that are live takes by fans and can never be properly recognized. Many may be totally debated as fans introduce artists doing covers, or having a guest on stage, or otherwise using samples and whatnot in a live show where again, the ownership will not be clear and clean (and then X by territory…) 3. You will run into hackers that will quickly figure out how to run code to interfere with any big-brother identification system (sonic, watermark, whatever) to render a huge number of files un-trackable. In summary, this will NOT curve the tidal wave of piracy, and is likely to introduce more confusion and costs (with lawyers laughing all the way to the bank) into the industry than the situation does presently. I agree with you that SOPA as written is “not it” but neither would this SNOCAP-like pipedream. We need to search further into other and new ideas and methods my friend. Sincerely, Shachar Oren Neurotic Media
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Feb 1, 2012