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Good analysis, but I wouldn't purely focus on the misrule of bosses, and highlight more of the cultural problems within English football. Namely, this is to do with the obession with the 'English' game, the 'English' way and the vaugely xenophobic attitude that comes with it. Just because we invented it does not mean we've a god given right to be the best at it or that our style of playing is better than everyone else. You quite rightly point out Capello's reliance on 4-4-2 and how it might be due to him not trusting the players to be creative and play differently. Of course they won't, because the don't know different. There's no-one playing in the Serie A, La Liga or the Bundesliga to name but a few. How can we expect the players to know different, if none of them have every really experienced it. And of course, the moment a player dares to go overseas, we belitte him and the league he chooses to play in because it's not the Premiership. A good example is Lionel Messi. As someone put it, he's not an Argentinian who plays for Barcelona, he's a Barcelona player who plays for Argentina. Also take David Beckham. Yes, he may have already developed to his peak when he moved to Real Madrid, but it gave him a new perspective on the game and a better understanding of the different styles. If we want a team that is intelligent, creative, and effective, then it's time to be different and let them spread there wings.
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Jun 28, 2010