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you really don't know do you...and it's driving you nuts
Now that is an idiotic analogy. You don't know my ethnic origin or why I use the moniker shadow.
you just proved that you are a racist chucks. trying to use the old smoke and mirrors trick and not being sensitive to the african american community.
Chucks you dolt! Read slowly and try to comprehend. "Comparing monkey's to African-Americans is an old, racial archtypal slur"
step one two three turn one two three
"Nice litany of name calling. Now that you have that out of your system give me some substance." I think he just did. 'Course you'll do the Elliot Bay two step and dodge the bullet.
that suggestion is not physically possible
Rachel, does your husband know your not wearing your muzzle?
this is the same guy who started the big Obama sign conspiracy. lots of credibility there.
when you are arguing with someone who is dumb as a box of rocks sometimes it isn't worth continuing the conversation.
You were dropped on your head as a child. Several times I'm guessing.