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Good luck with the class and with the future plans for teaching it to a wider audience. I would be really interested to hear how it goes and any feedback you get. I am hoping to bring more people into the Perl community this year even if they are of a lower technical level or unfamiliar with Perl, this is my main reason for pushing Perl projects on Facebook, if there is anything I can produce (a flyer with details of locations) for you to hand out please let me know. We will be starting the marketing push to get GSoC students for 2012 early this year (during and after the current GSoC) so interaction by Perl developers with students/universities would be helpful for us to push promotion at. Please don't feel obliged, I am accepting any help and suggestions that come to me.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on Teaching Perl for Fun and Advocacy at Modern Perl
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Apr 26, 2011